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Wash with Water CBD Mama Tincture (300mg) - Lemon

Wash with Water CBD Mama Tincture (300mg) - Lemon

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What is CBD Mama Tincture? This CBD sublingual is a direct & fast way to take CBD oil. What could be more perfect for a busy mama!

Why we LOVE this product? Tinctures are an incredibly popular way to enjoy CBD because the delivery is direct and fast-acting. 300mg of CBD isolate per bottle

Who should try this product? Any adult looking for a natural way to calm mind and body.


A single serving size for each of our Sublingual Hemp Extract products is based on a full 1 ml dropper.  For someone new to our product, we recommend starting with a .25 ML serving (marked on the dropper included with your bottle) to let your body acclimate to the hemp extract.  We recommend doing this for 1-2 weeks before moving into a larger serving, continuing to increase your serving by .25 ML at a time over the course of several weeks, or until your serving size feels right to you.

Some people choose to start with just a few drops and work up even more slowly (this is known colloquially as “micro-dosing”) over a period of weeks or even months.  The important thing to remember is that everyone’s body and the endocannabinoid system are different, and therefore serving needs can vary greatly from one person to the next.



MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract (CBD), USDA Organic Lemon Oil, Stevia Leaf Extract.

Contains ZERO THC

Hemp grown in Kentucky according to organic farming standards